My sense of time changes when I photograph. I feel challenged and alive. I shoot because it moves me and makes me humble. I believe in a spontaneous, honest and ordinary frame that evokes feelings, touches the mind, and brings comfort. My approach to photography is as simple, unpretentious and truthful as the life I try to live. I enjoy looking closely at the tiny whispers of beauty, peace and stories available in each moment, each face and each place. What I value the most about photography is the fact that it gently transforms the way I see the world and life without my camera...

I would love to share my curiosity and enthusiasm about photography with you and I am ready to work on collaborative projects, portraits, styled shoots, family sessions and small event photography – prom/graduation celebrations, birthday parties, gatherings, presentations, workshops, etc.  

I will consider all personal requirements and customize a package for any client that is interested in working with me. 

Use the form to inquire about the service Sylvia's Simple Life Photography provides, or call 647-806-6636

Thank you for your interest.  

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